Action Checklist, Mid-March

10 Ways to Participate in #SacredResistance NOW

  • March 16th in LA: Speak out against Muslim Ban 2.0 with our Friends at Vigilant Love  - RSVP ON FB

  • March 17th in OC: Hear Chris Crass speak on Courage for Racial Reconciliation - RSVP ON FB

  • March 17th everywhere: Join CLUE P♀WER in supporting anti-human trafficking efforts - SIGN THE LETTER

  • March 18th in PASADENA: Attend a resistance training with the Community Job Center - MORE INFO

  • Spread the word about our Summer Organizing Fellowship - SHARE THIS POST

  • Speak out against a raw development deal for the Hollywood community -  SIGN THE PETITION

  • Support the CA Values Act to refuse California resources for federal deportation efforts - SIGN THE PETITION

  • Share the CAIR Reporting Page with your Muslim/AMEMSA friends on Social Media - GO TO THE FORM

  • Demand Accountability from LA County Sherriffs after 4 Died In Custody  - SIGN THE PETITION

  • Empower our initiatives to organize for the protection of our immigrant and AMEMSA neighbors - DONATE TODAY

And One More! #11:

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