[KABC TV7] 25 arrested, including clergy, amid Jeff Sessions immigration protest in DTLA

(KABC TV7 coverage of CLUE's participation in a coalition on June 26, 2018 protesting the Trump administration's cruel treatment of immigrant families.)


About two dozen people were arrested at an immigration-policy protest as Attorney General Jeff Sessions spoke nearby at a Los Angeles hotel.

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Arrests were made as hundreds of protesters gathered in downtown Los Angeles Tuesday ahead of a planned visit by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Twenty-five people were taken into custody after the peaceful organized protest was declared an unlawful assembly by Los Angeles police. Clergy were seen among those being arrested.

Crowds holding signs were given a five-minute warning to disperse by LAPD before the arrests took place, according to authorities. The protesters were cited and released.

Demonstrators in white clergy robes linked arms across the street and chanted "reunite," others waving signs that bore slogans, among them, "Stop separating families."


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