Commemorating Labor Day With Your Congregation

2014_07_24_El_Super_Bus_Tour___Second_Bus__(31).JPGDo you want your congregation to think beyond the barbecue this weekend? Highlight labor actions in your area during the upcoming service, and consider inviting a worker to speak to your congregation in the near future!

For over 120 years, the US has commemorated the hard work of laborers with a day of blessed rest. Our collective pause is a perfect opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of the labor movement and honor the ongoing struggle of those who have yet to see justice.

If you are a religious leader with a platform this weekend, consider drawing on the stories of labor in your message. If you are a layperson in your congregation, you might lift up those stories in prayer and thanksgiving, inviting your congregation to celebrate or act for justice. To learn more about current actions, follow us and your local unions on social media.

Finally, it is a favorite season for us at CLUE to facilitate Labor in the Pulpit events, where working people themselves come to LA/OC-area houses of worship to share their backgrounds, victories, and ongoing struggles, supplementing or replacing the usual message. This series is in its eighth year, and has consistently offered transformative experiences for both workers and congregants. 

For more information, visit our staff page to connect with the CLUE organizer closest to you.

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