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AWAKEN, SLEEPERS! Walmart and Nonviolent Resistance




“Awaken, sleepers from your slumber … search your actions and repent and remember your Maker.” – Maimonides.

Walmart’s commitment to poverty wages, reckless disregard for neighbors, and active subversion of civil society in the United States and abroad mark it as a true reflection of the principalities and powers that people of faith wrestle with daily.

CLUE-LA has been an active partner in the struggle with OUR Walmart workers. Our staff and leaders have organized with clergy and workers, delegated stores, marched, and faced arrest, most recently this past Rosh Hashanah in Chinatown. This week, Rabbi Dr. Aryeh Cohen, a leader on CLUE-LA’s board and our West LA Committee, will join us.

“This coming Thursday, November 7 at 5PM at the Walmart Store in Chinatown we will say “Stop!” If you are in the Los Angeles area, please come to protest against the unjust treatment of workers, the radical income inequality in the United States, and for justice towards and the dignity of all workers.”

Rabbi Dr. Cohen reaches into the rich depths of Jewish moral teaching to condemn Walmart’s silent violence against workers and communities, while discussing his decision to nonviolently resist Walmart this upcoming Thursday, November 7th.

“The Talmud teaches that one who withholds wages from a laborer is like one who kills a person. Poverty is a form of death. Impoverishment, especially in the form of full time work which does not pay enough to feed one’s family or keep shelter over one’s head, is a violent act. The violence, however, is hidden from most eyes. The violence, while well known to the men and women who are forced to take food stamps, or to work two jobs, or to skip meals, so that their children can eat, is hidden from consumers. ”

Read Rabbi Dr. Cohen’s full blog post here.

Join us in Chinatown on Thursday.

Contact Nina Fernando for more information.

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