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APPLY NOW for our 2013 Summer Fellowship!

Are you looking for a meaningful summer job? Do you want to walk with workers? Do you seek justice in your community?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, this is the program for you. CLUE-LA’s Ziegler Young Religious Leaders Fellows trains students, youth, clergy, and seminarians in our faith-rooted organizing model, while also pairing fellows with experienced organizers and current campaigns. Young Religious Leader Fellows nurture their talents and gifts, work on i pressing issues in our communities, and dive deep into faith-rooted social justice work.

For more information, check out what some of our YRLF alumni have to say.

Nina Fernando says “This was an experience that changed my whole world as I knew it. I’m still involved and committed now, years after my CLUE-LA YRLF internship. ”

Keaton Andreas says “When I was an intern at CLUE I was finally able to learn that worship sometimes looks like walking alongside somebody as they discover their ability to fight against poor working conditions. Worship sometimes looks like challenging people of faith to speak truth from their tradition against acts of injustice.”

Frederick Beuchner has said “Vocation is where our greatest passion meets the world’s greatest need.” If your greatest passion is seeking peace and justice for your neighhbor, we invite you to explore that vocation this summer with us. Please apply using the form below. Applications close April 5th.

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