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Feast and Fasting: Ash Wednesday at Pomona College

Rev. Ignacio receiving ashes at Pomona College
Ash Wednesday is a day dedicated by Christianity to remind all that we are one. “Remember that you are dust…” says the liturgist as she or he places ashes on the forehead of the participant. This statement is a reminder of our common humanity and or the common fate of all. It should also be heard as a summons to “own” that common humanity and proclaim the equality of all.
As we gather with food workers in the Colleges for this observance of Ash Wednesday we do it affirming our common humanity and the dignity of those who work so hard to ensure that all are fed. This observance traditionally began a period of fasting to be followed by the feasting of Easter and Pentecost. For us today the rhythm of fasting and feasting must be translated into working for a society where the ones who feast much become aware of those who live in perpetual fasting.
Let us move on from this observance committed to continue the struggle for the defense of human dignity and justice.
-Rev. Dr. Ignacio Castuera; Pastor, Trinity United Methodist Church, Pomona


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