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We’re Working For Immigration Reform in 2013 – Join Us!

Will you support our immigration reform work next year?
As faith leaders committed to looking beyond self-interest, CLUE-LA leads the charge to demand the selfless pursuit of justice by our elected officials and industry leaders. We win our campaigns because we broaden the righteous message of Immigrant Rights and worker justice groups, saying “Whether this directly affects me or not, I will advocate for what is right in the world.” Who besides faith leaders can say this these days, with integrity?

Alton at OC Rally
Rev. Frank Alton facing arrest in Costa Mesa for immigration reform
There is so much that we can do, and we need you to join us.
  • We need to support undocumented youth already organizing on their campuses and support their families.
  • We need to meet with Mayor Villaraigosa and Chief Beck and Sheriff Baca to insist that Los Angeles opt out of voluntary collaboration with the Department of Homeland Security, following the lead of Chicago law enforcement.
  • We need to urge Jewish congressmen from LA County not only to vote for Immigration Reform, but to lead the charge, themselves children of immigrants (this is a personal goal of mine).
  • Ultimately, we need religious leaders to demand Immigration Reform from the pulpit, in congressional offices, at rallies, in advocacy letters–in the streets


All faith traditions demand compassion for the Other as we would our own kin. CLUE-LA believes not only in lending a hand, but turning our hands to build a just society for all God’s children, citizens and non-citizens alike. To that end, CLUE-LA wants to hire an Immigrant Rights Organizer in 2013.  But to do so, we need your help; click here to donate to CLUE-LA’s Immigrant Rights Fund

Thank you so much for all the support you’ve given to our work this year, joining us on picket lines, donating, visiting businesses and even facing arrest with workers! As we move in 2013, we need your help to support an organizer who will bring congregations and clergy together to fight for immigration reform for America. Please donate today!

*If you wish to direct your gift to CLUE-LA elsewhere, just let us know and we will not count it toward our Immigrant Rights fund.

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