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Election 2012: The Results

While CLUE-LA does not endorse political parties or candidates running for any office, we can and do take positions on issues and ballot propositions we feel are important to the work we do with working families, disadvantaged Angelenos, immigrants, and people of faith in Los Angeles.

To that end, we endorsed votes on some ballot propositions. The measures, our endorsements, and the results are posted below:

Proposition 30: YES
Temporary tax for schools and public services.

Proposition 32: NO
Removes paycheck deduction by unions; muzzling working people’s political action.

Proposition 34: YES
Replaces the death penalty with life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Proposition 36: YES
Amends the three-strikes law, limiting life in prison to repeat violent offenders and doubling penalties for nonviolent repeat offenders.

Proposition 39: YES
Amends California tax loophole to bring $1 billion back to the state for schools and clean energy public works projects.

Measure N (City of Long Beach): YES
Sets a living wage for hotel workers.

Thank you for supporting our shared values on the ballot this year!

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