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Damavandi Family Clams Up; CLUE-LA Reaches Out

In recognition of Rosh Hashanah, local rabbis and Jewish leaders supported by the interfaith clergy and community visited the Damavandi family, owners of Santa Monica Carwash, on Thursday, Sept. 13th for a faith rooted action.  The Damavandi Family received a lawsuit filed by workers on the grounds of wage and rest break violations in May.  Since then, faith and community leaders have continually tried to foster a dialogue between the family, the community and the CLEAN Carwash campaign.  Most recently, the Damavandi family has not been open to dialogue for change.  The family was presented with two separate baskets representing the New Year and the opportunities ahead of them. One of the baskets held symbols of prosperity and a good reputation in the community; the first basket held apples and honey along with a card signed by local rabbis. The second basket held symbols of bitterness and a sour reputation in the eyes of the community as a business owner; the second basket contained bitter herbs and matzah along with a separate card. The rabbis presented the gifts to the family with the message that they have a choice for themselves for the New Year: Prosperity and sweetness or bitterness and sour reputation.  Following the delegation, the group reflected with a prayer lead by Rev. Jim Conn. CLUE-LA’s own Rev. Erin Tamayo was also interviewed by KPFK regarding the event.

Check out Erin’s video of our prayer following the action!

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