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Giants of Justice Wrap-up: Call to Action & Celebrate Our Metro Victory

We hope you enjoyed Giants of Justice 2012

Another Congratulations to our honorees..



Dear Friend:

Thank you for attending our 2012 Giants of Justice Breakfast–our biggest, most successful event yet!  Surely you enjoyed paying tribute to amazing honorees, hearing world-renowned speakers, and sharing a vision for justice in our city.


From picket lines to City Halls, from the pulpit to prayer vigils, the tireless dedication and hard work of the 2012 Giants of Justice– Rev. David Farley, Rev. Alexia Salvatierra, Councilmember Paul Koretz, and Dream Team Los Angeles, as well as our first Lifetime Achievement Awardee Lydia Lopez–inspire us to keep our struggle for justice moving forward.  And who wasn’t moved by Marian Wright Adelman and Rev. James Forbes?

Here are two videos of our speakers and honorees for you to relive the experience:

2012 Giants of Justice.m4v
2012 Giants of Justice Compilation Video

2012 Giants of Justice-Reverend Dr. Forbes.m4v

Rev. Dr. Forbes at 2012 Giants of Justice

Act Now: Advocate for Good Jobs

Dr. Forbes explained, “A good nation is a nation where everybody who can will work, and from the work they do, those who can will still be able to survive.”  Faith Advocates for Jobs is an exciting initiative of Interfaith Workers Justice (IWJ) to create a network of congregations committed to supporting the underemployed and unemployed.  Congregations are sharing resources and strengthening community.

Please sign up your congregation here
and as an individual here
to support this vital initiative.

Act Now: Fund our Future

It’s not too late to support our Young Religious Leaders Project. Since our event two weeks ago, we have hired fourteen young religious leadersfor our summer program.   While we raised roughly $6,000 during the pitch, we need roughly twice that amount to actually afford all these justice-seeking interns.


Our 2011 Summer Interns Supporting Grocery Workers


We have trained dozens of young leaders in Faith-Rooted Organizing, helping them understand their capacity to create a healthy future for all based on core centuries-old values. Nearly every organizer at CLUE was once an intern.  Nothing is more vital to the future of our movement than our youth!


If you wish to give specifically to the Young Religious Leaders Project, click “Add special instructions to the seller” and indicate that you wish to donate so that we can afford to train the next generation of Faith-Rooted Organizers! Thank you in advance!

Support the future of faith-rooted organizing now:

Click here to Donate


We Won at Metro, Finally


Immediately following Giants of Justice, we hustled many of you onto a bus to attend the Metro meeting, where as a huge group, we testified as to why the Subway must extend into job-rich West Los Angeles….and we won!  The long-delayed vote was cast, and we overwhelmingly showed the justice commitment of the faith community!


We explained why workers throughout LA need access to the job-rich Westside, and why creating jobs for skilled construction workers currently suffering unemployment rates upwards of 40% to 80% is a matter of economic justice.  After four and a half years of studies, delays, and road blocks, the MTA Board finally approved the entire nine-mile subway extension in a 7-2 vote.


Special thanks go to Sam Pullen, Rev Alison Marks, Robert Branch, Lydia Brown, Rev. Norman Copeland, Steve Holt, Ignacia Martinez, Milton Farfan, Patricia Lindsy, Rabbi Linda Bertenthal, Sarah Bertenthal, Rabbi Jonathan Klein, Joel Lyle, Natasha Yagoubi, Pastor Bridie Roberts and others!


That sums up Giants 2012.  Thank you for attending; hope to see you again next year, May 23rd, 2013!


Abundant Blessings,
The CLUE-LA Board and Staff


Mark your calendars!

Join Santa Monica Synagogue with other neighbors and faith leaders at
Vigil for Carwash Workers: Santa Monica Carwash
2510 Pico Blvd June 10th 1pm March Against Low-Wage Jobs
No Wal-mart in Chinatown: June 30th 10am, Los Angeles State Historic Park (The Cornfield)

Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice

 All religions believe in justice.

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