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Home Campaigns Hallelujah! A Union Victory for Two Carwashes in South LA!

Hallelujah! A Union Victory for Two Carwashes in South LA!



The Vermont carwash and Navas Carwash officially signed and announced their union contracts today, answering the prayers of the 27 of carwash workers and their families. The contracts bring hope to many carwasheros (aka carwash-heroes) nationwide who experience intimidation, wage fraud and exposure to dangerous toxic chemicals. These problems have caused great suffering for workers for far too long, but as a result of organizing from the CLEAN Carwash Campaign and CLUE-LA, courageous workers have raised their voices and thanks to lots of hard work, management has listened!

The Vermont and Navas carwashes follow in the footsteps of Santa Monica’s Bonus Carwash. Rabbi Neil Comess-Daniels from Beth Shir Shalom rejoiced in that victory, explaining: “If you want to know what it feels like when there is justice, justice is here. All of America should look here to see this kind of success. To see what happens when community gets together with labor unions, with workers, with management, with ownership, it all makes justice. And that’s what we have today.”

Reverend Copeland, a longtime advocate for civil and worker rights, joined the carwasheros, CLUE-LA and the CLEAN Campaign at the press conference.

Check out Reverend Copeland’s Message of Hope for South LA and Carwasheros on Youtube

Reverend Erin Tamayo, one of CLUE-LA’s faith-rooted organizers, describes how her faith has led her to solidarity with the workers, “I have come to understand that life as a Christian is not only about proclaiming faith, it is also imperative that we actively participate in Christ’s mission, as echoed from the prophet Isaiah: The Lord has anointed me to preach good news to the poor…proclaim freedom for the prisoners…and to let the oppressed go free.  For this reason, because of our commitment to this mission, we must not rest until we have stood in solidarity with workers everywhere who demand change because of exploitation and intimidation in the work place.”

Martin Luther King, Jr taught us, “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Today we can see that this is the start of something much larger.  Together we can unite to improve conditions for workers, to oppose inequality and injustice.  Please support worker rights and bring your business to CLEAN carwashes where workers, advocates and managers have worked together to to create business solutions that affirm worker rights.

Vermont Carwash:
6219 South Vermont Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90044.

Bonus Car Wash
2800 Lincoln Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Navas Carwash :
801 W. Florence Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90044

For more information about the CLEAN Carwash Campaign and ways you could get involved with CLUE-LA’s Carwash worker justice work contact Organizer Rev. Erin Tamayo.

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