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VICTORY for Carwasheros!

After a long and hard battle to seek respect and justice for the 7-10,000 workers of car washes across Los Angeles, the industry has finally listened and agreed to changes. For over three years we have organized alongside the Community Labor Environmental Action Network (CLEAN) Carwash Campaign activists to unite community members, religious and labor leaders, to denounce the countless injustices that the carwash industry has committed. Worker exposure to harmful and toxic chemicals, rampant wage theft, dumping and allowing chemical runoff into many Los Angeles communities as well as significant worker intimidation and anti-union activity have plagued this industry. Nevertheless, workers at two carwashes in Santa Monica have achieved THE FIRST UNION CONTRACT!

Please help us celebrate this momentous victory by supporting the unionized carwash and encouraging others to do the same! Now that we have achieved these important changes, we must support Bonus Carwash and their decision to uphold worker rights.

Bonus Carwash is located at 2800 Lincoln Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90405

Congratulations to the workers and a special thanks to everyone who has helped the campaign over the years!

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