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Supporting Tomato Farmworkers

Last Friday, CLUE-LA participated in the March to Trader Joe’s headquarters in support of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, tomato pickers in Florida.  We marched alongside clergy, students, workers, and a diverse group of community organizations to show the contradictory actions of Trader Joe’s. TJ has a great history of supporting sustainable and just business practices, but they are not supporting the tomato farm workers. Even though nine major retail food corporations and over 90% of Florida growers have shown support of farmworkers by signing Fair Food agreements, Trader Joe’s has not.

The action began at the Monrovia Trader Joe’s on Huntington Drive where clergy and workers marched to the Trader Joe’s headquarters.  Just as our faith forces us to action, we participated in a public prayer and worship service outside the headquarters. From the headquarters a smaller group of workers, clergy and laity asked to speak with a TJ representative. Unfortunately despite repeated requests, they were unable to speak with anyone, so instead left our letter to Mr. Bane that was signed on by numerous clergy representing countless congregants.

For further information please contact Elena Stein at [email protected]
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