Immigration Justice


Several religious and community leaders speak to refugee children in this short California Endowment film.

The heart of CLUE’s mission is to support and stand in solidarity with low-wage, working families. Many of these families are immigrant families, suffering under a complex, confusing, and punitive immigration code. Workers who choose to organize a union are often targeted for retaliation and intimidation. It is tragically common in our work to hear about employers who have fired or threatened to fire workers on the basis of their immigration status during organizing campaigns. 

CLUE continues to herald the call for comprehensive immigration reform that keeps families together, offers opportunity and hope to young people, and respects working people.

Sacred Resistance and Sanctuary

CLUE was quick to respond to the Trump Administration's attacks on undocumented and AMEMSA communities. Join our Sacred Resistance and Sanctuary coalition and get updates about future trainings by signing the petition here

Unaccompanied Central American Refugee Empowerment (UCARE)

CLUE in action to support unaccompanied minors.

In 2014, CLUE convened key city officials, faith leaders, community organizers, nonprofit legal and mental health service providers to build a network of support for Central American refugee children and their families as well as to engage congregations in responding to the humanitarian crisis. In the summer of 2015, CLUE clergy and organizers, various other organizations, and press went to the Central American-Mexican border to delegate, pronounce solidarity with the unaccompanied minors and their families, and witness first-hand the injustices these young refugees were facing as well as the services that are available and limited to them. 

Our past support of national and statewide policy work: The Dream Act, and the New Sanctuary Movement, have showed us the power and potential of the interfaith community’s role in bringing about this change. Previously, we joined the folks at Children Over Politics in prayer, support, and solidarity as they fasted for one week to raise awareness around the humanitarian crisis surrounding refugee children from Central America.

We believe that the interfaith religious community has a unique and prophetic role to play in calling, once and for all, for comprehensive immigration reform. This is not just a legal issue — it is a moral, social, and family issue. CLUE will act, and we hope you will join us on the journey.



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