Hotel workers have a 40% higher injury rate than all service sector workers, and out of all hotel workers, housekeepers experience the highest injury rates. Housekeepers are pressured to present pristine quality as well as substantial quantity in a limited amount of time that often results in workers not taking breaks and working off the clock to meet their quotas. In most hotels, housekeepers are expected to clean 15 or more rooms a day, which consists of, but is not limited to, lifting 100-pound mattresses in each room, pushing heavy supply carts for miles, and dropping to her hands and knees to scrub the floors. Heavy work loads and hard labor are not the only problems that housekeepers are exposed to. A housekeeper who works full-time should not have to live in poverty, and she should definitely not have to break her body, endure sexual harassment, and be exploited by her employers and an industry that makes billions just for her to feed herself and her family.

CLUE has been an active participant in the Long Beach Coalition for Good Jobs and a Healthy Community, in partnership with Long Beach Clergy and Faith Community, LAANE, UNITE HERE Local 11 and several local congregations. For three years, our campaign shined a light on working conditions at the community-boycotted Hilton and Hyatt. During this time, we met multiple times with management, shared workers’ stories from the pulpits of local churches, and held a Stations of the Cross to highlight the cross-bearing and often devastating health effects of their jobs.


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